Pioneer Innovation Tee

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This design is what NOVITA is all about..."Innovation". The meaning of being a Pioneer is to be a person, group, or thing that is considered first or among the earliest in any field of development. So based on this we chose a Pioneer who was integral in the invention of something we all use and need on a daily basis, the lightbulb! So this design features the inventor of the lightbulb Thomas Edison, in a black and white image (because it was 1878 of course HA!) then we gave the lightbulb some colour to represent that it is still used in the modern-day, plus we gave it a bit of NOVITA imagination and framed it



All our T-Shirts are premium quality and guaranteed to last. Extensive research and testing has been done over a long period of time to ensure that all our products have the best fit and feel to provide our customers with what they deserve. This specific t-shirt was made in Italy and is 100% cotton, it features a slim fitted design combined with an Italian inspired length giving it a unique look.