Road to Paris Tee (Night / Captain Edition)

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Show your support for the main man and his team on their route to conquer Europe again and claim number 7! 

This design is inspired by the Wizard of Oz and features a selection of 4 players from the mighty reds team (obviously replacing the Lion & the Tin Man etc from the famous image) who are following the road to Paris (A pun on the yellow brick road) and the Stade de France stadium for the Final of Europe's biggest football trophy!

** You can choose whether you want your design to be set in the night or day and which 4 players are on it #YNWA #LFC



All our T-Shirts are premium quality and guaranteed to last. Extensive research and testing has been completed over a long period of time to ensure that all our products have the best fit and feel to provide our customers with what they deserve. This specific t-shirt was made in Italy and is 100% cotton, it features a slim fitted design.